OXYTECHNIK’s expertise are special applications in the field of cutting and welding. Being a former member of the Messer Cutting and Welding Group OXYTECHNIK® developed a huge pool of know-how in shielded arc welding, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting as well as laser cutting and welding.

Today’s membership in the igm AG opens new opportunities for cooperation with the other members of the group, such as Steigerwald Ltd. in laser and electron beam technologies, Polysoude Ltd. in mechanized welding and igm robotics in special robot application.

During the course of time some applications became a standard product. Like the strip welder KONTINUMAT® which is built for nearly 50 years, constantly improved and today the standard at all leading stainless steel manufacturers.
In Shipbuilding OXYTECHNIK’s pipe processing shops and profile cutting systems PROFICUT® are well known for their efficiency and precision.

Strip Welding Machines

High demands are put on the weld between coils in continuously working strip processing lines regarding cycle time and seam quality.

Profile Welding Systems

The system is used for continuous welding in a profile roll forming line. It can be used on mild- and stainless steel, zinc coated steel and aluminum.

Welding Systems

The system produces large plate (blanks) by welding smaller sheets together, using equal or different
materials and thickness.

Robotic Profile Cutting Systems

The OXYTECHNIK® robotic cutting system PROFISEC® is used for difficult 3-dimensional cuts in the shipbuilding
and offshore industry.

Robotic Cutting Systems

The robot cutting system is used for trimming of deep drawn workpieces of thin material.

Pipe Cutting Systems

System for marking and cutting to length
of tubes with thin wall using a pipe support carriage with turning chuck and Nd:YAG laser cutting technology.

Vacuum Clamping Systems

VACUSPANN® is the vacuum clamping system for fixation of large flat products.


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